• Class Styles

Class Styles

Ashtanga Half Primary Series Led Class

This class will be led by the teacher at a flowing, counted pace, taking the student up to Navasana within the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga.  Time permitting, the full finishing sequence will also be taught.  We do suggest that students try out our Power or Vinyasa classes before joining this class.

Ashtanga Mysore-Style Yoga

The Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series is a traditional flowing yoga class offering many challenges for students of all levels.

The emphasis is on movement coordinated with the breath (vinyasa), specific visual or mental focus (drishti) and the use of energetic locks (bandha).

The Primary series is the first of six traditional series of the Ashtanga Yoga system as taught by Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India. Including the sun salutations and standing poses, the full practice involves about 70 poses.

The self-practice class (also known as Mysore style) of the Ashtanga Series is where students work at their own pace. A teacher instructs each student one-to-one helping them to develop their own personalised practice. It is in a self-practice class where students may eventually progress beyond Primary Series.

Although this class is suitable for all levels, we recommend some knowledge of the Ashtanga Primary Series. Some of the series sequences are explored in our Power Yoga classes. We do suggest that students try out our our Power or Vinyasa classes before joining the class.

Core Strength (Yoga based class)

Often when speaking of the “core” we think of abs of steel or visualise the perfect six-pack! This class is not about working the superficial abdominal muscles but going deeper within.  Using yogic breathing techniques, standing balancing postures as well as mat based stability and strengthening postures to help support every aspect of your core.

Hatha Yoga

Stretch, energise, bend and de-stress with our Hatha Yoga Class. This is a great class for beginners to yoga however advanced students will also benefit from attending. Each class will focus on different asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation.

Mum & Baby Yoga

The classes are for babies not yet crawling and as long as they are 8-9 weeks.  The class is especially for mums and babies after birth.  Both you and your baby are taken through stretches helping to open up the body and relax the mind, helping mums and babies to fully relax, bond and sleep well. The babies postures are designed to help them with coordination and help aid sleep, and for the mums the postures help build strength back in the core and back, and help release tightness and tension.

Power Vinyasa Yoga

All levels are welcome in this fun and challenging class where you will move, sweat and breathe. The classes are always a little different, a creative and eclectic mix of traditional yoga poses linked together by the breath. You will build stability, strength and stamina as we introduce balance poses, inversions, and back bends.

Pregnancy Yoga

A class suitable for mum’s to be! Whatever your stage of pregnancy, no previous yoga experience necessary.