• Michele



For as long as I can remember I have had an awareness of yoga in my life as my mum practiced when I was a wee toddler.  That influence unfortunately did not rub off on me until much later in life when I decided to attend Power Yoga classes both at the gym and the Yoga Spot.  I instantly fell in love with all things yogic but especially the Ashtanga Vinyasa system. Before I knew it I was attending a teacher training course, left a corporate career to teach yoga full time and running the Yoga Spot!



I started yoga whilst at university but my practice was pretty sporadic at the time, sometimes going months before practicing again.  It wasn’t until I moved back to Aberdeen that I started to build up a consistent practice.  I soon became hooked on the clarity my mind felt after practicing and decided I wanted to develop my awareness of not just the physical asanas within yoga but the philosophy that’s behind yoga.  I signed up to the CYS teacher training course and soon found that yoga goes beyond the mat and applies to everything you do in life.  I am eternally grateful that I found yoga and will continue to learn more and more throughout my life and will always be sincerely grateful for the knowledge that my tutors have passed on to me.  Since completing the course I have gone on to do a pre and post natal yoga workshop with Amanda Reid.  I am now teaching yoga as well as continuing my own personal practice and I feel I have been given the tools needed to continue to learn everything yoga has to teach.


I had practiced yoga on and off from an early age, leaving it for long stretches, but circumstances brought me back to my mat several years ago and the journey has continued unbroken from there.  I have learned a lot from my CYS teacher training, but my own practice is my greatest teacher.  Yoga has brought me many gifts: a sense of the positive in life; an introduction to generous and caring people; a sense of connectedness to everything.  My hope is to pass on my enthusiasm for and understanding of yoga, to help develop in those who come to practice with me, tranquillity of mind and flexibility of body.


I attended my first yoga class with my sister in my late teens and although very much enjoyed yoga, life would often get in the way for me getting to class. Five years ago I returned to a regular yoga practice and found myself enjoying the benefits of all aspects of yoga so much that I decided to embark on a teacher-training course.  Continuing to develop my own practice whilst carrying out my teacher-training course, I’ve  attended yoga retreats and workshops, with the combined effect of increasing my awareness of yoga asanas, philosophy and improving my knowledge and practice of different styles of yoga.

I have learned so much from the great teachers I’ve met along my yoga journey and having completed my training in June 2015 I really look forward to passing on my knowledge, enthusiasm and love of yoga.

Laura Laura

Laura is known for her gentle and joyful approach to yoga that has the capacity to very sneakily allow her students to realise their potential and exceed their expectations! Laura’s confidence in her students is infectious and the love and support she has for her fellow yogis has inspired many of them to take on challenges they had previously only dreamed about, both inside and outside the yoga studio.

The supportive and loving environment that is fostered in Laura’s classes is a result of her passion for learning and growth. She has a achieved a distinction in her Sport and Exercise Science Masters degree and is about to embark on a degree in Medicine. Laura is a yoga bookworm and loves having conversations that challenge her beliefs and create yet more space for growth. She is eternally grateful for each and every one of her teachers and the profound impact they have had on her life as both a yoga student and teacher.

The combination of passion and knowledge has allowed her to work with people from all walks of life from international sports players and teams, to school and university students and vulnerable and at risk groups. However, Laura’s passion lies in sharing all aspects of yoga with anyone who is open to exploring and willing to practice.


I was introduced to yoga 6 years ago when I attended my first class with Michele where I surprised myself with my first backbend. That was me, I was hooked. I became a Yoga Spot regular, attending classes and developing a home practice. Encouraged by my teacher, family and friends I enrolled on a 200hr Hatha Raja Teacher Training course at YogaJo’s in 2016. Here I learned how much a full yoga practice can benefit and enhance all aspects of your life. I am grateful to my teachers for what I have learned so far and I am keen to pass this knowledge on to others. Yoga is for everyone. Let a little yoga into your life.