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Anne Wilson, Yoga Spot Student

Michele showed infinite patience...

I first went to the Yoga Spot around 2011 following recommendations from a friend. I was hoping to increase mobility and strength and to find a way of dealing with the stress of everyday life and work. Michele showed infinite patience as I struggled to learn the postures in an Ashtanga Mysore class. Michele is both firm and nurturing in her approach. She has an excellent sense of humour and just when I think I have reached my limit she helps me to get that little bit further. At first I thought I would be embarrassed as I was so much older than the others but Michele made sure that I never felt that I was lagging behind the other students.

As a result of a regular yoga practice I now find that my flexibility, posture and focus has increased. In addition the Yoga Spot has given me friendship and a sense of wellbeing that I did not have before I started. Thank you Michele for making the Yoga Spot such an amazing place to practice.

Anne Wilson  >  Student, the Yoga Spot