Our teachers, colleagues and friends…


Online courses, articles, books, DVDs and other invaluable resources offered by David Keil, global Ashtanga teacher and anatomy guru. 

Stillpoint Yoga 

Busy Ashtanga yoga studio in London Bridge and Brixton run by Scott Johnson - "Supporting your practice". 

Chintamani Yoga

Teacher Trainings, workshops, retreats, books and articles from yoga pioneers Gregor Maehle and Monica Gauci. 

Swami Saradananda

International yoga and meditation teacher, author and yoga mentor offering courses, workshops, articles and personal mentoring. 

Gretchen Suarez

Authorised Ashtanga teacher and licensed psychotherapist who can help you in your journey of growth, healing, and awakening.

Matt Ryan

Yoga blog from Matt Ryan, an LA teacher who combines Zen meditation and Ashtanga yoga to create a complete mind body holistic practice.

Yoga Temple

Teacher Training courses, books, DVDs and audio downloads from renowned Ashtanga teacher Matthew Sweeney.