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Full Price: £170.00

David has been a good friend and teacher to Michele and the Yoga Spot for 12-13 years, and has been visiting the Yoga Spot on a yearly basis (of course apart from the last couple of years!). We are delighted that he’ll be returning this year for a 5 day Ashtanga Self Practice (Mysore) Workshop as well as two other technique workshops.

We can’t recommend David’s workshops enough, if you’d like to find out more information about him, please check out his website.

Sunday 10th July 2022 9.00am to 11.30am – Ashtanga Yoga Technique Workshop

Everyone has postures that challenge them. Many students have difficulties in certain sections of practice, particularly with postures such as marichyasana D, supta kurmasana, lotus, and backbending.

Awareness of the structure of the anatomy, as well as knowledge of the meaning of these postures, can help us move forward in a safe and intelligent way. When we’re informed in this way, we keep the poses in context. We understand why we need to do them, what they represent to us personally, and what purpose they have within the system. This helps us avoid injuries and stay motivated to work on challenging postures.

Students are encouraged to bring their own areas for discussion. By default, we’ll discuss hips, knees, back, and spine and the difficult postures that go along with them.

This workshop will have some theoretical components as well as many practical techniques and exercises to work on the more difficult parts of practice.

Sunday 10th July, 1.00pm to 3.30pm – Anatomy of the Breath

In this workshop, David will take you on a journey through the anatomy of your breath. From the diaphragm to the abdomen, and pelvic floor. It’s not as simple or limited as inhale and exhale, oh no. The breath can be used as a link between mind and body through the nervous system. Manipulation and control of the breath can have an impact on the reactivity or calmness you hold in your nervous system. We’ll shift our understanding from the lungs and diaphragm and psoas as individual parts and pieces to the breathing system as a whole.

At the beginning of the workshop, we start with creating a sense of how well integrated the body really is.  Breathing is fundamental to life. Only a few minutes without breathing can put us in a very precarious situation! Breath is also an important focal point for concentration and meditation. It’s one of the most commonly used elements to bridge together mind and body. In this section, we’ll explore the anatomy of breathing and begin to understand how bandhas function as a component of breathing.

This workshop gives participants an opportunity to understand anatomical concepts and principles that apply directly to breathing on and off the yoga mat. The information is always presented in a simple and straightforward manner.

Once you understand the mechanism and function, you can begin to work with your own breath in an increasingly meaningful way.

Monday 11th – Friday 15th July 2022 – Ashtanga Yoga Self-Practice (Mysore) Workshop

Students deserve individualised attention in their practice. In the Ashtanga Yoga Self-Practice (Mysore) Workshop, David shares techniques and tools that are specifically relevant to you and what’s going on in your practice.

Yoga is very much about relationship: the relationship you have with the practice and the relationship you have with the teacher who is guiding you. Relationship requires time and space to engage. This is why, in the self-practice workshop, the number of students in the room at one time is limited to a maximum of 12.

We are offering two time slots for the self-practice sessions; 6.00am and 7.45am.

If you would like to attend the 5 day ‘Mysore’ and both Sunday workshops we are offering a price reduction (link below). Please contact us by email on to let us know which ‘Mysore’ time slot you would like.